Next Generation Networks | Doctoral Program - Information Engineering and Computer Science

Next Generation Networks

The purpose of the NGN research program is to design, analyze, and implement ideas, solutions, architectures and protocols for the Networks of the Future.
Indeed, unprecedented requirements coming from OTT services and emerging ICT paradigms (self driving cars, robot control, virtual reality) require a paradigm shift from traditional TCP/IP solutions to more flexible, intelligent and autonomous networks.
This RP addresses R&D issues at all levels (from physical to service support) related to bring networking to the future, including autonomous networking, virtualization of network and network functions, programmable networks, 5G and beyond. In particular:

NGN Architectures

cross-layer and physical layer-aware protocol design
fog and cloud network architectures
cloud-assisted mobility and networking
edge-assisted spectrum usage monitoring
5G Service Based Architecture
cell-less mobile networks
autonomous networks
URLLC architectures
quantum Internet

Next Generation Paradigms

5G and Beyond
Broadband satellite communications in EHF
Space network intelligence: toward “Space 2.0” era
network virtualization and slicing
SDR and SDN for reconfigurable networking
fast deployable networks
networking in hostile environments
autoscaling optimization in cloud platforms
Fog and mobile edge computing
AI-driven networking

Next Generation Technologies

Short-range mm-wave and TeraHz communications
Waveform design for communication systems in hostile environment
mmWave localization and location-aided network optimization
MIMO and massive MIMO
underwater communications, networks, and sensing
software defined networking and network function virtualization
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) networking
Interplanetary networks



5 publications for 4 currently enrolled students

Optimizing Multi-Tier Cellular Networks With Deep Learning for 6G Consumer Electronics Communications
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An Intelligent Multi-Floor Navigational System Based on Speech, Facial Recognition and Voice Broadcasting Using Internet of Things
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Intelligent Transportation Systems in Smart City: A Systematic Survey
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The Role of Socioeconomic Factors in Improving the Performance of Students Based on Intelligent Computational Approaches
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xApp for Traffic Steering and Load Balancing in the O-RAN Architecture
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