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Meet PhD students

PhD students of the ICT International Doctoral School conduct their research in several cutting-edge areas with a strong orientation towards applications and industry.

Companies have the possibility to know the available skills and research activities of the PhD students in order to encurage new collaborations and projects that can help growth through the innovation of industrial products and processes.

Muath Farouq Mustafa Abu Lebdeh muath.abulebdeh [at] PhD Cycle 37 webpage
Khakim Akhunov khakim.akhunov [at] PhD Cycle 36 webpage
Gianluca Apriceno gianluca.apriceno [at] PhD Cycle 35 webpage
Pierfrancesco Ardino pierfrancesco.ardino [at] PhD Cycle 35 webpage
Muhammad Ashfaq muhammad.ashfaq-1 [at] PhD Cycle 37 webpage
Mayukh Bagchi mayukh.bagchi [at] PhD Cycle 36 webpage
Ludovica Maria Beati ludovicamaria.beati [at] PhD Cycle 37 webpage
Anna Becchi anna.becchi [at] PhD Cycle 37 webpage
Hani Beirami hani.beirami [at] PhD Cycle 34 webpage
Arianna Benoni arianna.benoni [at] PhD Cycle 36 webpage
Alessia Bertugli alessia.bertugli [at] PhD Cycle 35 webpage
Simone Bocca simone.bocca [at] PhD Cycle 36 webpage
Alberto Bombardelli alberto.bombardell-1 [at] PhD Cycle 37 webpage
Francesca Fiore francesca.fiore [at] PhD Cycle 35 webpage
Matteo Golinelli matteo.golinelli [at] PhD Cycle 37 webpage
Anish Shastri anish.shastri [at] PhD Cycle 35 webpage
Alessio Zamboni alessio.zamboni [at] PhD Cycle 36 webpage