Reimbursement of travel expenses | Doctoral Program - Information Engineering and Computer Science

Reimbursement of travel expenses


  1. Before doing the online application please send an email to the ICT School Secretariat ( [at] keeping your advisor in cc, with the detail of your mission:
    • where you go;
    • for what reason;
    • from which day to which day;
    • which fund you are going to use (either Personal or other funds).
  2. In order to finalize the authorization request, that must be done before the departure, you should:
    1. login at My UniTN (top right of every UniTRENTO website);
    2. access to "Gestione trasferte" (Missions manager);
    3. click on "Create a new Travel Authorization Request form", steps:
      • Applicant data: the data will be generated by the system, please check the "Choose the correct area" field displays the Department's name: Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienza dell'Informazione and the "in quality of" field displays your doctoral student status: Dottorando;
        Please note that even if you are not going to ask reimbursement, you must have your travel authorized for insurance reasons. In this case flag I don’t ask any reimbursement for this travel at the end of this session
      • Travel data: after having filled in the information on the travel, 
        FOR THE USE OF YOUR RESEARCH BUDGET choose in "search a project"  Principal Investigator: Crispo,Bruno; in the funds list choose "Dotazione dott. attivita` di ricerca S35 - 40300385" or type them in the fields (SAP code: 40300385; Description: Dotazione dott. attivita` di ricerca S35)
      • Please note you can use your Personal Funds up to the end (31st October) of the third academic year.
        FOR THE USE OF OTHER FUNDS - Principal Investigator: Surname, Name of the fund's manager > FUND
        in Attachments upload a brochure/convocation e-mail/agenda/poster/screenshot of the event main webpage. This is very important, otherwise the Mission Office will reject your request;
      • Reasons;
      • Advance payment - fill in this part if you want to request an advance on the travel expenses you had done before leaving.

We would like to remind you that if you decide to leave and/or come back on a day different to the one written on the "Travel Authorization Request form", you must submit to the Accounting Office not only all the documents (receipts and bus/train/airplane tickets/boarding passes), but also a document showing the travel costs for the day written in the "Travel Authorization Request form"; the less expensive one will be reimbursed.

IMPORTANT: even if you are not going to not ask for reimbursement, please note that you must have your travel authorized for insurance reasons. In this case just flag I don’t ask any reimbursement for this travel at the end of the authorization's first part Applicant data


You should:

  1. login at MyUniTN;
  2. access to "Gestione trasferte" (Missions manager);
  3. find your travel and click on the "L" symbol (it's important you don't click on the A in the yellow box or in the A in the red one, the former will archive your mission, the later will delete it);
  4. in the "Travel Expenses Reimbursement Request form" steps:
    • Applicant data (the data will be generated by the system);
    • Travel data, insert the missing information (return time);
    • in Further data - Other notes: write every information that would be helpful for the reimbursement, such as: if you changed the day of your leaving/return, if the enrollment was paid with the Department Credit Card, if the tickets/hotels have been booked with a travel agency and paid directly by the University;
  5. Expenses incurred: insert one by one every expense you had, you'll have to submit to the Mission Office the original tickets/receipts in order to get reimbursed;
  6. Send "Travel Expenses Reimbursement Request form".
  7. Print the Expenses Incurred page and take the Original Receipts/Tickets/Boarding Passes to the Mission Office (via Sommarive 9, Povo 2 building ground floor) from monday to Friday 10:00am-12:00pm

NB: the use of a taxi is allowed up to € 30, in the trip from/to the airport/station and inside the mission municipality,

For any further question please refer to the Mission Office: missioni.collina [at] (via Sommarive 9, Povo 2 building, ground floor)

Additional information:

  • All bookings, purchases, registration for conferences and formalities relative to the mission are to be carried out by the doctoral student
  • All bookings and purchases should be regulated according to the criteria of reasonable economical management (expenses relative to taxis, phone calls, Internet connections, personal use of car and anything not expressed in thr University Regulations concerning missions will not be reimbursed). In choosing the means of transportation you have to use the cheapest option, the same for lodging (student houses).
  • No reimbursement can be requested for a trip for personal reasons..