Credits recognition | Doctoral Program - Information Engineering and Computer Science

Credits recognition

  • Each course, if successfully completed, gives the student a total of 3 credits.
  • Completed doctoral courses offered by other UniTrento PhD programmes or universities, Master’s degrees courses and online courses need to have their credits recognized.
  • All credits will be awarded with the approval of the PhD student's tutor/advisor.
  • The Executive Committee must approve any change in the way course credits are awarded.
  • Courses must be completed after enrolment in the PhD Programme. Exceptions may be granted by the Executive Committee.
  • Courses that have been part of the student's other degrees will not be taken into account.

Requirements for credits recognition 

Master's degree courses

  • no more than one Master’s degree course can be recognized;
  • offered by UniTrento;
  • final examination/test at the end of the course;
  • the lecturer of the course must not be the advisor of the doctoral student requesting the recognition of the course credits;
  • the request for credit recognition must be motivated by the advisor;
  • approval by the Executive Committee.

Online courses

  • topic not overlapping with courses offered by the Doctoral Programme;
  • must be offered by a university;
  • final examination/test at the end of the course;
  • at least 20 hours long; 
  • content must be equal to the level of "post graduate";
  • approval by the Executive Committee.

Seminars and Summer/Winter schools attendance recognition

  • Seminars must be offered by the DISI Department (check out the DISI calendar);
  • Summer/Winter School must be at least 20 hours long.

NB: The attendance of seminars and Summer/Winter schools does not give course credits.

Recognition procedure

In order to have either course credits or participation in seminars/summer/winter schools recognised, students must send an email to [at] with their supervisor in CC and the following information/documents

  • name of the doctoral course/Master’s Degree course/online course/seminar/Summer/Winter school
  • organising University/Institution
  • place where it was held
  • starting and ending date
  • content
  • total amount of hours 
  • grade (if present)
  • certificate issued by /doctoral course/online course (attached to the email)