Credits recognition | Doctoral Program - Information Engineering and Computer Science

Credits recognition

Each course, if successfully completed, gives the student a total of 3 credits. Completed doctoral courses offered by other UniTrento PhD programmes or universities, Master’s degrees courses and online courses need to have their credits recognized.
All credits are acquired upon approval by the PhD student’s tutor/advisor.
Any variation in how course credits are assigned must be approved by the Executive Committee.
Courses must be followed after enrolment in the PhD Programme. Exceptions may be approved by the Executive Committee.
Courses that have contributed to other degrees that the student has completed do not apply. 

Requirements for credits recognition 

Master's degree courses

  • no more than one Master’s degree course can be recognized;
  • offered by UniTrento;
  • final examination/test at the end of the course;
  • the lecturer of the course must not be the advisor of the doctoral student requesting the recognition of the course credits
  • the request for credit recognition must be motivated by the advisor
  • approval by the Executive Committee

Online courses

  • topic not overlapping with courses offered by the Doctoral Programme;
  • must be offered by a university
  • final examination/test at the end of the course;
  • at least 20 hours long; 
  • content must be equal to the level of "post graduate";
  • approval by the Executive Committee

Seminars and Summer/Winter schools attendance recognition

  • Seminars must be offered by the DISI Department (check out the DISI calendar)
  • Summer/Winter School must be at least 20 hours long.

NB: The attendance of seminars and Summer/Winter schools does not give course credits.

Recognition procedure

To recognize either course credits or seminars/Summer/Winter schools attendance, students have to send an email to the PhD Programme Secretariat - [at], with their advisor in CC, and with the following information/documents:

  • name of the doctoral course/Master’s Degree course/online course/seminar/Summer/Winter school
  • organising University/Institution
  • place where it was held
  • starting and ending date
  • content
  • total amount of hours 
  • grade (if present)
  • certificate issued by /doctoral course/online course (attached to the email)