Call for applications 2016 - 2nd call | Doctoral Program - Information Engineering and Computer Science

Call for applications 2016 - 2nd call

application/pdfFinal ranking - cycle 32 - 2nd call(PDF | 190 KB)
application/pdfExclusion because of non-equivalent foreign degree(PDF | 122 KB)
application/pdfExclusion because of incomplete application(PDF | 51 KB)
application/pdfITC call cycle 32 - second - ENG(PDF | 440 KB)
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Admission requirements and topics

For admission requirements and application procedure please check the call in the "Downloads" area on the right.

Only the Italian version of the call is legally binding.

In order to be admitted in the School applicants must be in possess of a Academic title which grants access to a third level education programme (PhD) in the country it has been issued.

Deadline: September 05, 2016, hrs. 04.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2)

Extended deadline: September 07, 2016, hrs. 04.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2)

The application  must be completed and submitted by the above deadline, solely by the online system:

Applicants who do not have an account at the University of Trento must register in advance at:

Applicants are advised to register well in advance with respect of the deadline because the issue of the username and password (sent via email), necessary to enter UNITN’s online services, may require up to 2 working days. 

The application shall be subject to the payment of an application fee - non-refundable - amounting to € 15 to be paid by credit card, according to the instructions given in the appropriate section of the online application.

The administration strongly recommends that applicants ensure that they have received the notification email confirming the definitive completion of the application procedure.
Applicants are asked not to wait until the last days prior to the deadline before submitting their applications.

During the filling out of the online application, applicants must choose which reserved topic scholarships are interested to apply for and specify their order of preference. 





DISI reserved topic scholarships


FBK reserved topic scholarships


Positions without scholarship


Supernumerary positions


DISI: Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science
FBK: Fondazione Bruno Kessler

Project Specific Grants (reserved topic scholarships)

FBK - Fondazione Bruno Kessler

  • A - Quantifying Historical Cultural Evolution using Big Data (1 grant) » details

DISI- Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science

  • B - Network and Application Protocols for Cooperative Driving and Beyond (1 grant) » details
  • C - Advanced techniques for the analysis of remote sensing images for cryosphere monitoring and hydrological parameter estimation (1 grant) » details
  • D - Distributed sensing and localisation for wheeled robots and human beings (1 grant) » details
  • E - Crowd motion analysis and emergency management (1 grant) » details